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Herbal Yolk Dissolver in Chicks

Chickyolk is a unique herbal product from Amorvet which helps chicks at early age to dissolve yolk as well prevent infection which are related with it. Chickyolk is a healthy and safe parallel product against antibiotics which is common practice is poultry at early age.


Combination of rare Biological Herbs from Indian Mountainous Forests.


  • Dissolve yolk in proper way and thus prevents bacterial infections
  • Prevents Salmoneiosis
  • Helps in proper faecal discharge
  • Stimulates metabolism thus improves performance
  • Improves gut function & FCR
  • Replenish the lost nutrients and micro flora to enhance nutrient utilization
  • Reduces stress due to over crowding, transportation or weather changes

    10-15 ml per 100 chicks in the drinking water daily or as directed by veterinary consultant


  • 500 ml., 1 Ltr & 5 Ltrs