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Vitamin E with Selenium & Herbs in stable liquid form enhancing fertility & immunity.

E-POWER is an advanced Feed supplement which has been prepared to complement the birds' natural ability to support fast growth, enhance egg production, egg quality and helps them to cope stress and anxiety. E-POWER contains vitamin E and selenium which shows recognizable role in the metabolic and immune systems of livestock and poultry. E-POWER support significant growth and performance.


Proper growth, shape and size

Improved fertility and hatchability

Improve shell quality

Reduces risk of stress

Improved FCR and chick viability

Reduces mortality

Improve body resistance


Through drinking water for 5-7 days, twice daily Chicks: 2 ml per 100 birds
Broilers: 2 ml per 75 birds Growers: 2 ml per 100 birds Layers: 2 ml per 75 birds Breeders: 4 ml per 25-50 birds
or as directed by veterinary consultant


LIQUID: 500ml, 1 ltr and 5 ltr