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Super Power Calcium Tonic Enriched with Galactogogue Herbs

This is very new and unique concept for calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, D3, B12, alongwith galactogogue herbs in stable form which provides all above in unit dosageform with more bioavailability to enhance milk & fat content, protect from risk of milk fever, improves immunity growth & performance. CHELATED lactosole-DS Liquid helps in performing all these functions.


  • Improves Production of milk & Fat %.
  • Removes stress & Builds Immunity
  • Improves Udder Immunity & Prevents Mastitis
  • Overcomes Calcium & Phosphorus Deficiency
  • Healthy Growth of Fetus & Healthy Pregnancy
  • Easy Letdown of Milk
  • Improves Bone Strength & Muscle Tone