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liv 100

Herbal Liver Tonic for Smart Production

Hepatostimulant, Hepatogenerative and Hepatoprotective Liver Tonic. Contains potent herbal extracts & formulate specially for liver ailments optimum utilization and absorption of feed for target oriented result.


.Improves liver functions.
.Enhances breeding and immunity performance.
.Better feed intake and nutrient metabolism.
.Enhances digestibility and keep animals active & alert.

.Better egg & meat production, Stimulates appetite.

.Better weight, Reduce mortality and enhanced FCR.


Liquid (For Each 100 Birds)
Chicks                          : 10 ml Daily
Growers & Broilers        : 15- 20 ml Daily
Layers                          : 40 ml Daily
Swine                           : 50 ml Daily per head
Inclusion:                      : 1 Ltr. in 1000 Ltr of drinking of
water or as directed by veterinary consultant
POWDER:                    1 KG Per ton of feed
or as directed by veterinary consultant

PRESENTATION: 500 ml., 1 Litre & 5 Litre