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Eucalyptus Oil Based Herbal Respiratory tonic

MINTORESP specially blended withnatural herbs to
support healthy lungs and respiratory tract of target
species. MINTORESP is an eminent natural expectorant,
natural anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-coughing
activity helps in liquefying thick and sticky mucous and
ease the breathing process and protect from pain and
inflammation in respiratory tract.


.Support ease in respiration
.Keep respiratory system free from mucus
.Promote mucus dilution
.Reduces risk of stress, inflammation and pain
.Facilitates easy breathing with optimum uptake of oxygen
.Maintain respiratory system during the changing weather

2-3 ml per 100 birds
200-250 ml/1000Liters water for prevention in farms
recommended from 11-18 days then 28-35 days.
250 ml/1000Liters water to support at initial stage
250 ml/1000Liters water as supportive with other therapy
500 Liter/1000Liters water to support at chronic stage or as
directed by veterinary consultant

250ML, 500ML & 1 LTR