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Combination of Oregano & Garlic for the Effective management of Gut

Oregalic herbal preparation keeps poultry intestinal and immune system healthy, stimulate gut motility, improve appetite, feed absorption and body weight. It exert stimulating effect on intestinal tract, promote growth of intestinal villi, enhances energy level, helps in strengthening body muscles and tissues, scavenge oxygen free radicals, protect from respiratory disorders and risk of early death and supports high yield, quality and health of target species.


Liquid : 1 ml per 2 litre of drinking water or as directed by veterinary consultant.


.Healthy G.I.T management.

.Good for healthy gut functioning

.Good to stimulate respiratory system

.Good to maintain immunity and resist stress

.Good to scavenge oxygen free radicals

.Good for better egg yield and quality

.Good to protect from risk of harmful parasites

PRESENTATION: 500 ml, 1 liter & 5 liters