AlphaCal - Pet Tab

AlphaCal Pet tablet enriched with Essential minerals and Vitaminshelps in iron out health abnormalities and maintains growth and structure of Pet body. It helps in immunizing your pet health with Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, D3 and B12 food supplement. It helps in enhancing food absorption, stimulates appetite, improves and fulfill essential nutrient, maintains strength and energy level

DermiGlow - Pet Tablet

DermiGlow Pet Tablet natural herbal blood purifier which eliminates toxinskeeps skin fresh and glowing. Herbal preparation helps to protect from risk of microbial infections, allergy and itching and provide your pet healthy, radiant and glowing body coat.

JOINT CARE - Pet Tablet

JOINT CARE Pet Tablet protects pets frompainful & inflamed bones and joints and flourishes pet growth. Herbal Nutrition to guard Pets from joints abnormalities and maintain their body strength, enhance rejuvenation process and performance.


Alfaimmune Pet tablet is specially melded with potent herbs which triggers body immunity and growth that improves pet health. It works as herbal immune- modulator, stimulate proper development and functioning of body cells, enhance resistance against infections and stress and support proper growth.