WORM HERB - Pet Tablet

This Will Blink

WORM HERB Pet Tablet to save your pets from ringworm infestations. Effectively supports healthy intestinal function, maintain gut motility, and improves digestion and appetite and support to maintaining body weight, quality and performance.

WORM HERB - Pet Syrup

WORM HERB Pet Syruppresenting to strengthens and protects pet body from ringworms. Herbal Syrup to guard your pet from Worm Infestations, protect from unwanted irritation and stress, helps in stimulating growth and performance and support glossy body coat and hair development.


INFANT GROW Pet Syrup daily Multiminerals Multivitamin food supplement enriched with essential vitamins and minerals for optimum growth of your pets. It helps in maintaining and fulfilling daily requirement of healthy diet that support maintained growth and production and performance, enhance immunity level, protect from risk of deformities and infection and improves energy level.

OMEGA 3, 6 + E - Pet tablet

OMEGA 3, 6 + E Pet Tablet enriched with essential fatty acids and nutrients to improve Pets health and immunity. It helps to reduce inflammation and pain, protect from risk of joints and arthritic pain, improves immunity to fight against infections, provides healthy skin and radiant coat, good for proper functioning of lier and kidney, alleviate mood and provide strength and vigour.