NEPTHROSAN Pet Syrup is a natural preparation specially designed to support normal function of Kidney. It support the functioning of kidney in helping cleansing of the toxins, support normal water salt concentration, maintains metabolism process, helps to keep free from bacterial and fungal infections, support production of hormones, maintains blood cell formation and overall support healthy urinary system.


WOUND SPRAY Pet Spray is an effective natural spray with Antiseptic, Fly Repellant and maggoticidal properties. It helps in speed recovery from wound, soothing broad spectrum topical preparation, helps to protect topical layer from infectious risk of bacteria, fungi and viruses, speed up recovery from pain, inflammation, cuts and infections, and support healthy skin development.

Tickless - Pet Shampoo

Tickless Pet Shampoo destined to remove ticks and fleas and give excellent lusture and glare to hair. Elite Body wash for Ticks free skin, provide a herbal application to support healthy and ticks free body coat, helps in removing sebum plugs, enhances radiant and glossy hair growth, keep free from itching, allergy and parasitic attacks and enhances pet shelf life.

Fly Repellant - Pet Spray

Fly Repellant Pet Spray natural anti-ecto parasites spray to deter fleas, mites to upkeep pet health. This Herbal Fly Repellent spray keep flies off from Pets body, helps in early wound healing, prevent parasitic infections, keep body coat and hair free from risk of infections and provide a healthy coat to your pets.