Anti – Bact - Pet Shampoo

Anti – Bact Pet Shampoo contains blend of Natural Antibacterial and Antifungal herbs to protect your pets from bacterial infections. Itpromote scavenging of dead cells, keeps free from unwanted infestation of ticks, fleas and mites, helps in wound management, support advanced growth of radiant hair and skin cells and maintains a fit lifestyle of your pet.

HAIR LOSS - Pet Shampoo

HAIR LOSS Pet Shampoo is specially formulated with herbal extracts that helps to reduce hair fall and provide nourishments to hair shaft. Fortified with herbal ingredients to support and strengthen Pet Fur, protect from baldness, provide healthy and soft hair growth, keeps hair follicles moisturized and prevent formation of sebum plugs, efficiently helpful in providing growth of thick and shiny hair.

D - TANG - Pet Cream

D - TANG Pet Cream protects your pet skin from harmful rays of Sun naturally. It helps in improving strength, improves capacity of holding water, keeps body coat moisturize, protect from skin tanning and bacterial infections, protect from skin inflammation, swelling and allergy, enhances new cell regeneration and protect from premature aging and provide a stress free condition.

Anti-Lick - Pet Tablet

Anti-Lick Pet Tablet protects Pet from bacterial infections and keeps them healthy. It aid in preventing flea infestations and protects licking in pets, support early wound healing, enhances strength and resistance to bacterial infestations, prevent reproduction of licks and worms, enhances appetite and FCR, improves productivity and performance.