Constican - Pet Tablet

Constican Pet Tablet dietary fiber concocts to make pet free from constipation and uncomfortable living. Valuable Herbal mix to relieve constipation naturally, ease bowel movement, provide gentle cleansing to GIT, prevent formation of hard stools, herbal appetite stimulant and support proper digestion, strengthen liver function, support balanced formation of stomach acids and keeps pet active and alert.

Diarrosan - Pet Tablet

Diarrosan Pet Tablet is a herbal mix and keeps pet active and healthy living every day. It aids as Herbal preparation for Acute Diarrhoea and Dysentery, maintains normal gut motility, protect from dehydration, helps in retention of required salt water level, support growth of gut microflora, helps in expulsion of toxins and provide fit and healthy life.

ALOEVERA - Pet Shampoo

ALOEVERAPet Shampoo herbal alternative to cleanse and hydrate dry hair and sensitive scalps. Natural way for Thick Glossy Alive hair for Pets, helps in stimulating immune response, aid as wound dressing, provide moisturizing effect to growing hair, protect from hair fall, remove out scalp, deal cels and sebum plugs, provide strength to hair follicles and maintain proper hair growth and maintains shiny coat.

Alpha – C - PetLiq

Alpha CPet Liquid blend of natural Vitamin C and bioflavonoids keeps pet immunized and stress free. Herbal Antioxidant, Antiviral, Antitoxin and Antihistamine and it helps in flushing out oxygen free radicals, support new cell formation, enhances activity and strength, protect from early aging and death, supports metabolism process and helps in maintain strength and immunity.