APPETALIV Pet Syrupis aherbal preparation contains selected hepatoprotective and appetite stimulating herbs. It helps in strengthening liver muscles, support liver functioning, stimulate bile acid secretion, support proper digestion, improves appetite, maintains gut functioning, provides healthy mood and maintain activeness and alertness.

Vit – C - Pet Tablet

Vit – C Pet Tablet herbal formulation of choice to keep your pet free from sickness, stress and bad mood.Herby mélange of antioxidant and Vitamin C for Pets helps in scavenging dead cells, support new cell formation, enhances activity, keep pets young, protect from premature aging and deformities, natural appetite stimulant and detocxifier, support optimum growth of bones and muscles and enhances immunity.


ALOE+ARN Pet Shampoois anherbal shampoo for Dogs & other pets. It makes the animal fur to glow and looks very beautiful. It is the combination of rare herbs which are meant especially for the growth and strength of Hairs of your pet, protect from hair fall, keeps body coat soft and glossy.


Nutritious Food Mix to Keep Your Pet Active, Alert and Strong. COMPLETE FOOD GRANULES enriched with Essential Growth Supporting Nutrients helps in maintaining energy level, good for growing pets and lactating mothers, improves resistance against infections, fulfills daily requirement of essentials mineral, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats, improves immunity and support pet growth and performance.