FE VIT FORTE - Pet Syrup

FE VIT FORTE Pet Syrup provides optimal nutrition and healthy immune system to pet. Iron vitamin rich pet syrup helps in formation of new blood cells, improves oxygen level, support optimum cellular growth, protect from health diseased risk, fulfill nutritional requirement, protect from illness and maintain healthy body system.


PETCAL FORTE Pet Syrup supplemented to pet food to support healthy bones and teeth. Calcium rich energizing syrup supports proper skeletal and muscular development, maintain body requirement of calcium, nourishes strength, improves food intake and FCR, improves immunity and resistance to stress and infections, and keeps pet active and strong.


APPETITE PROBIO especially keeps a healthy environment for digestive system of pets. Combination of Probiotic herbs stimulates appetite and maintains balanced intestinal health, provide satisfactory environment to gut microflora, enhance essential nutrient absorption, helps in flushing off toxins, improves digestion, support weight gain and keep free from digestive disorders.

HAEMOFED -Pet Tablet

HAEMOFED Pet Tablet "the complete toning formula" enhances blood production the natural way. It aid as immunomodulator, maintain iron and oxygen level, enhances new cells production, helps to scavenge dead cells and toxins, immunise body respiratory, circulatory and metabolism system, improves energy level, protect from early death and works as efficient blood purifier.