HAEMOFED - Pet Syrup

HAEMOFED Pet Syrup"the complete toning formula" enhances blood production the natural way. This is easy to intake helps in improving immunity and energy, enhances body resistance against stress, support new cells formation, enhances body oxygen level, aid as potent detoxifier, protect from premature aging and early death, keeps pet active, strong and alert.

FURBALLOUT - Pet Granules

FURBALLOUT Pet Granules is an aid to supports ease bowel movement and lubricate digestive system naturally. This is an Herbal Digestive Food Supplement to Prevent from Hairball Discomfort, helps in ease expulsion of furball, improves appetite, maintain digestion, support essential nutrient absorption and maintain the overall health of your pet.


VITAIMMUNE Pet Syrup is a unique combination of vitamins with immunity enhancing herbs. It works as herbal immuno- modulator and growth promoter tonic, fulfills daily requirement of essential vitamins, maintains digestion and absorption, improve appetite, energy stimulant and keeps free from stress, maintain growth and performance.


STRESS LYTE is a combination of herbs rich in Vit. C and anti-stress alkaloids. This Herbal food supplement guard your pet from stress and supports healthy lifestyle, protect from stunted growth and early mortality, improves strength and energy level, enhances body resistance to various environmental, physical or mental stress, improves immunity, keeps hydrated and support early rejuvenation and activeness,