FERTIGROW - Pet Tablet

FERTIGROW Pet Tablet naturally increases pet fertility and helps in maintaining optimum functioning of hormonal system. This tablet promotes normal mineral utilization, improves sexual health, acts as rejuvenator, improves stamina, vigor and vitality, supports metabolism, efficient detoxifier, promotes optimal oxygenation and brings about balanced nutritious and harmonious health.


DEWORMER ALLO Pet Tabletmost effective dewormer to keep parasites away in cats and dogs and provide a calm lifestyle.It aid to protect overall body system from risk of worm infestation, prevent reproduction of worms, helps to rid toxins, protect from stress, improves appetite and energy level, enhances nutrient absorbtion and enhances body energy level.

Arthron-Aid - Pet Spray

Arthron-Aid Pet Spraynatural product for the management of joints pain and inflammation in pet animals and to keep them healthy, active and free from unwanted stress. Its herby constituents helps in providing relief and alleviating pain, keeps free from stiffed bones and muscles, protect from soreness and pain, support wound management and improves growth and activity.

ZEALUP - Pet Syrup

ZEALUP Pet Syrupinstant energy syrup to support proper growth, development and nourishment of your pets Natural herbal formula to nurture energy level in your companion animals, enhances food intake absorption, aid as energizer, immunize body system, encourages fertility and production, enhances strength and growth.