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Prebiotic herbs that promote growth of beneficiary microorganisms in gut

Prebiosol Powder herbal feed added with prebiotic herbs that helps in stimulating growth of beneficiary microorganisms in the target species intestinal system and thus helps in supporting good digestion and other digestive processes. It supports the process of absorbtion, assimilation and excretion. It also improves appetite, protect from risk of indigestion, constipation and provides good health.


  • Helps to stimulate appetite
  • Helps in enhancing feed intake and FCR
  • Helps in maintaining gut functioning
  • Helps in boosting body wt. and growth
  • Helps in increasing egg output and quality
  • Helps to keep free from gut toxins

    1 kg per Metric Tonne of prepared feed

    Or as directed by veterinary consultant


    POWDER: 500 gm, 1 Kg and 25 Kg