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Y-cox Premium herbal preparation supports good gut health in poultry. It helps in maintaining protective layer to keep the functioning of intestinal tract free from the risk of microorganism and contaminants. It helps in improving feed intake, increases appetite, good for optimum feed utilization, increases feed conversion ratio, and protect from the possible risk of diarrhea, dysentery watery stool & coccidiosis.


.Improves feed intake and appetite
.Improves digestion and gut functioning
.Improves meat and egg quality
.Improves body wt., production & performance
.Improves immunity level
.Improves stress resistance

DOSAGE: Powder

Regular: 1kg per MT of Feed, Health Risk: 2-3 kg per MT of Feed

Liquid- Regular: 1 Liter in 1000 Liters of Drinking water Health Risk: 2-3 Liter in 1000 Liters of Drinking water or as directed by veterinary consultant.


Powder: 1 kg & 20 kg bag,  Liquid: 500 ml, 1 liter & 5 liters